What are the Differences between the Cold Rolling and Hot Rolling LSAW Steel Pipe

LSAW steel pipe is widely used in our life, so do you know the difference between cold rolling and hot rolling in LSAW steel pipe?


Cold rolling is processed from hot-rolled sheets at room temperature. Generally speaking, it is process is hot-rolling-pickling--phosphating--saponification--cold rolling.


Hot rolling is hot working process. Hot rolling has many advantages such as high production efficiency, large scale, low energy consumption, low cost, high degree of mechanization and automation, so it is suitable for large-scale production.

The difference between cold rolling and hot rolling LSAW steel pipe:

1. Cold-rolled section steel allows local buckling of the section, so that the bearing capacity of the member after buckling can be fully utilized, while hot-rolled section steel does not allow local buckling of the section.

2. The reasons for the residual stress of hot-rolled steel and cold-rolled steel are different, so the distribution on the cross-section is also very different. The residual stress distribution on the section of cold-formed thin-walled steel is curved, while the residual stress distribution on the cross-section of hot-rolled or welded steel is thin-film.

3. The free torsional stiffness of hot-rolled steel is higher than that of cold-rolled steel, so the torsion resistance of hot-rolled steel is better than that of cold-rolled steel.

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