Causes of Welded Pipe Crushing

Crushing is one of the surface defects of welded pipes. It is damage caused by the roller hole to the surface of the tube blank. There are many types of crushing, but there are various reasons for it. Next, we will talk about what may casuse crush to welded pipe.

(1) Adjust the bottom line of a pair of rollers to be higher than the rolling bottom line makes the rolling line will produce uneven fluctuations;

(2) The vertical roller is too tight;

(3) Elevation of vertical roller;

(4) The new hole may be that the chamfer of the hole edge is too small or the chamfer does not meet the requirements;

(5) The high-strength tube blank has greater resilience and deformation resistance, and the edge of the hole is easy to bite into the tube blank;

(6) The vertical roll before the flat roll is not enough to exert force on the tube blank, so that the wider tube blank enters the fixed width of the flat roll hole, and the tube blank is "cut" by the hole pattern;

(7) The flat roll is low, and the lower edge of the vertical roll hole damages the tube blank.

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