Key Equipment in Seamless Steel Pipe Production - Pipe Billet Heating Furnace

According to the different seamless steel pipe production processes, seamless steel pipe production equipment can be used in a variety of ways. However, whether rolling, extrusion, top pressing or spinning and other seamless steel pipe manufacturing processes are used, billet heating equipment is required. Therefore, in the seamless steel pipe production equipment, the billet heating equipment is particularly critical. Now let's discuss the billet heating furnace in seamless steel pipe production equipment.

Seamless steel pipe round steel or billet heating furnace is one of the crucial equipment in the production of seamless steel pipe, which must be heated to 1150 degrees round steel after perforation to become gross, for the subsequent shaping, probing, marking and so on to do the most basic work. The basic configuration of seamless pipe billet heating furnace is as follows:

1. Medium-frequency power supply system: 200KW-6000KW, with an hourly output of 0.2-16 tons.


2. Medium-frequency induction heating system: Custom designed inductors, furnace bodies according to your requirements, with controllable furnace temperature, high energy efficiency, and fast speed.


3. Material storage system: Welded thick-walled square pipe material storage platform with a slope of 13 degrees, capable of storing more than 20 pieces of material.


4. Temperature control system: Infrared temperature measurement PLC temperature closed-loop automatic control system.


5. PLC control: Customized human-machine interface, highly user-friendly operational instructions, touch screen industrial computer system for remote operation, fully digital high-depth adjustable parameters for easy equipment control.


6. Roller conveyor system: Utilizing a rotating conveying mechanism, the roller conveyor axis forms an angle of 18-21 degrees with the workpiece axis, with the furnace inter-rollers made of 304 non-magnetic stainless steel and water-cooled for uniform workpiece heating.


7. Medium-frequency heating energy conversion: Consuming 310-330 kWh to heat one ton of steel to 1050°C.


8. Specifications for round steel after heating and piercing: Diameter φ95-140mm, wall thickness 5-20mm, length 4500-7500mm.

In conclusion, the pipe billet heating furnace plays a crucial role in the seamless steel pipe production process. Its efficient and precise heating capabilities contribute significantly to the overall quality and performance of seamless steel pipes. For seamless steel pipe manufacturers, investing in a reliable and high-quality pipe billet heating furnace is essential for ensuring smooth production operations and superior product outcomes.