T91 Alloy Seamless Pipe and P91 Alloy Seamless Pipe

Alloy seamless pipe contains a higher amount of Cr element, which gives it better high temperature, low temperature, and corrosion resistance properties compared to ordinary seamless pipe. Therefore, alloy seamless pipe is widely used in industries such as petroleum, chemical, and power.

T91 alloy seamless pipe is a new type of martensitic heat-resistant steel and belongs to a type of steel pipe. Compared to 12Cr1MoV steel, the carbon content of T91 steel is reduced by 20%. This decision was made after comprehensive consideration and analysis as carbon element is the most significant element for solid strengthening effect in steel.

P91 alloy seamless pipe is an alloy pipe produced through perforation and rolling. P91 alloy pipe for fluid transportation is rolled from ordinary carbon structural steel, low alloy structural steel, or alloy structural steel. In addition, P91 alloy steel has its own unique uses such as boiler P91 alloy pipe, geological P91 alloy pipe, and petroleum seamless pipe, among other specialized materials.