Three Types Connection for Large-diameter Spiral Steel Pipe

Large-diameter spiral steel pipes are usually connected by welding. However, threaded connection, flange connection, socket connection, and groove connection are also used in project. Today, Xiangjiasteel would talk about three main connections of large-diameter spiral steel pipe, if you interested, follow us:

1. Welding and Flange Connection

Welding and flange connection are traditional connection methods. However, they are can not meet market demands in terms of safety, sealing performance, cost space, and maintenance efficiency.

2. Groove Connection

Groove connection technology also known as clamp connection technology, has becoming the preferred method for fluid pipeline connection. Although this technology was introduced late in China, it has quickly gained widespread application in the domestic market due to its advanced nature. Groove connection technology simply, speeds up, and facilitates the complex pipeline connection, driving the progress of pipeline connection technology. The groove connection method makes pipeline installation much concise, promotes construction safety, easy maintenance, and has good economic benefits. 

3. Clamped Pipe Connection

Clamped pipe connection, as an advanced method of pipeline connection, can be divided into visible and embedded connections can use steel or flexible joints. Therefore, it has a wide range of applications.