Charactor of Oil Casing Pipe

Oil Casing Pipe is designed to serve as the structural retainer for the walls of wells, to ensuring the smooth operation and longevity of drilling projects. It can be divided into conductor casings, technical casings and oil casings.

Charactor of our casing pipe:

Wide diameter for maximum effectiveness: With a wide diameter, our oil casing pipe is perfect for fixing the well walls or down hole, regardless of the size of your project.

Superior strength and resilience: Crafted with a minimum yield strength of 35,000 psi, our steel casing pipes offer unmatched durability and protection, preventing the collapse of subsurface formations and the well bore.

Extensive range of options: Choose from various grades including J55, K55, N80-1, N80-Q, L80-1, L80-9Cr, L80-13Cr, C95, and P110. Plus, we offer tread types like NUE, EUE, VAM, STC, LTC, BTC, special clearance, XC, VAM TOP, and NEW VAM, ensuring the perfect fit for your specific requirements.

Our oil casing pipe adheres to the highest industry standards, including API Spec 5CT and ISO13680.