Where are Galvanized Steel Rectangular Pipe Used

During production of galvanized rectangular steel pipe, the steel is rolled into a square shape, bent and welded, and then galvanized. Thanks to galvanization, these square pipes can withstand even the most adverse weather conditions - especially moisture - for a long time.

Galvanized rectangular 4-sided pipes are suitable for many indoor and outdoor applications. Whether in your own home, apartment or neighbor's garden, our galvanized steel rectangular pipes are used in many commercial sectors. Galvanized rectangular steel is very stable due to its geometry and is therefore suitable as a modern & versatile structural element for numerous professional as well as hobbyist applications in the outdoor and indoor areas - for example:

for stands and exhibition stands

for balustrades on balconies, terraces and stairs

for the skeleton construction of tables, shelves, benches and other furniture in the construction of machinery and equipment

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