China's Common Standards for Seamless Steel Pipe

Currently China's seamless steel pipe standards:

1. Current seamless steel pipe standards: 47 items in total, it including: GB/T25 items, HB3 items, 19 items for special purposes; 2 basic items, 45 items.

2. Commonly used standard:

① GB/T2102-2018 Acceptance, packaging, marking and quality certificate of steel pipes.

② GB/T17395-2008 Size, shape, weight and allowable deviation of seamless steel pipe.

③ GB/T5310-2018 Seamless steel pipes for high pressure boilers.

④ GB/T9948-2018 Seamless steel pipes for petroleum cracking.

⑤ GB/T6479-2018 Seamless steel pipes for high-pressure fertilizer equipment.

⑥GB/T18248-2018 Seamless steel pipes for gas cylinders.

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